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29 - 31 MAY 2023

We are so excited that you’ve decided to join us at Wildfires this year. There are many, including us, who believe that it will be a special week where we, of all ages, will encounter Jesus. All the information about the event and booking can be found on the WIldfires website. The programme and contributors look great...why not take a look!

As a church, we are grouped together onsite so we get to hang out, share meals and spend time together as well as going along to all the brilliant main sessions for worship and teaching.

Below is some information that might prove helpful to you.


It's a joy to be able to join this year with Kerith Community Church and Revelation Church, good friends of Freedom Church, and so feel free to join the Kerith Wildfires Facebook Group for updates and chat during the lead up to the festival.

Also, as we join with Kerith and Revs, we will be sharing a Village Tent, which is essentially a huge marquee, with them both.


If you have purchased a ticket for all of Wildfires this also includes admission to the Big Church Festival. You can arrive from 12pm Friday 26th May.


Ben Tanton will be arriving on site on Sunday afternoon and will be the ‘Freedom Church’ host for Wildfires. If you’re arriving earlier to catch some of the Big Church festival programme, Ben Oliver from Kerith Church will be on hand to show you where he has allocated camping for Freedom Church from the Friday afternoon.

Arrive and walk to the ticket tent to meet the volunteers from Kerith. Explain you're a part of Freedom Church and they will explain where our pitch is. If you are offsite you are welcome to come up to the Village Tent at any point to make ‘basecamp’ with us. Don't forget, you cannot drive onto the site, so we all help each other out getting our luggage up from the car park in trollies to where we'll be camping. If you have a campervan, follow the instruction of where to park up.

The Wildfires programme starts at 8am on Monday 29th May.

Extra Programme

As well as the Wildfires programme, we will have opportunities to gather for fun and food! We will confirm these once you are onsite; they include afternoon fun & games, communion, meals and fire pits & hot chocolate evenings.



See below for the option to join in on centrally organised meals.

Mucking In

Volunteering onsite, like any family gathering, is necessary as there are jobs to be done to make sure everyone has a great time. Please join in and sign up to help out!


Not only are we sharing a space with Kerith and Revs, but Kerith have offered to provide us with breakfast and dinner at an extra cost. This great opportunity allows us to eat together and to leave those gas bottles at home! You do not have to take part and you are welcome to bring your food across to the Village tent to eat with others.

So, Kerith are going to serve breakfast and dinner (lunch you can buy on site or bring your own). Please make sure to bring your own plates, bowls, cutlery, cups and mugs. Meals are served from the Village tent on Mon 29th, Tues 30th and Weds 31st May only.


Breakfast 7:30-8:30am // Dinner Mon & Tues 5-5:45pm, Weds 4:30-5:15pm



Range of cereals & milk, bread & spreads (toast is available as long as there is enough gas for the BBQ!), yoghurts, fruit.



Monday 29th May – Beef Chilli and Rice.

Tuesday 30th May – Mexican Chicken Tortillas (sour cream, cheese, guacamole etc)

Wednesday 31st May – BBQ (Burgers, hot dogs, halloumi burgers and toppings).



Please select which meal ticket(s) you require. Purchase these by adding 'additional tickets' until you have all that you need. (N.B Each 3 day ticket pays for all 3 days of that meal)

Family Breakfast Ticket (3 days) £18.00

Family Dinner Ticket (3 days) £54.00

Adult Breakfast Ticket (3 days) £7.50

Adult Dinner Ticket (3 days) £18.00

Child Breakfast Ticket (3 days) £5.00

Child Dinner Ticket (3 days) £11.00

Adult Monday Dinner Ticket (1 day) £6.00

Child Monday Dinner Ticket (1 day) £4.00

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