I loved the conference last week and especially the teaching from Christy and Paul. One of Paul’s humorous little illustrations was of an imaginary conversation that he has every January with God where God tells him “You’re my favourite and you are fantastic but there is just 10% of you I would like to change this year”. The point being that after ten years of allowing God to do this, he would be a completely different person!

Whenever someone uses that phrase ‘You’re my favourite’ I can’t help but think of the two great British institutions of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and the talented and gracious Bruce Forsyth.

Sadly Bruce is no longer with us but after his death last year at the age of 89, I read an interesting article about him. In this he was explaining to someone why he appeared to tell every Strictly Come Dancing competitor as they came up to the judging panel that they were his favourite! According to Bruce, he did not say this to everyone but reserved it especially for encouraging the celebrities who were less able, those who everyone laughed at and thought were no-hopers, the ones who despite putting in every effort were criticised and given low scores by the judges.

As I thought on that, I felt that God showed me how he feels just the same way about us. In particular, he feels the same way about those who think they are no-hopers, people who feel that everyone is laughing at them and who never seem to achieve much however hard they try, the ones who seem to be harshly judged by others.

God is far more interested in our hearts and attitudes than he is in what we actually achieve. The Bible says in Luke 12:48 ‘…For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required…’. If we achieve great things due to the fact that God has blessed us in a particular way, either with natural talent or in the circumstances of our birth – that does not really say very much about us. However, if we have very little naturally but try our best to live for God despite our circumstances, God is overjoyed with us.

If today you think that you never seem to achieve very much despite your best efforts, if life is a struggle and you feel useless and hopeless in the face of it, that behind your back you are being judged or laughed at by others. Right now, the loving heavenly Father himself, leans towards you just as Bruce did to those competitors and gently whispers in your ear – “You’re my favourite”.