Do you ever find yourself asking that question? I did the Sunday before last!

At 8:55am, I was stood on the start line with another thousand likeminded lycra-clad runners wearing just a vest and a pair of shorts in the freezing wind about to run five miles as fast as I could!

Whenever I stand on the start line of a big event, I feel a creeping apprehension, my heart rate increases, and I find myself asking “why do I do this to myself”? But then, the starting horn hoots, hundreds of watches all beep in unison and off we go! After the first mile I find my muscles are warming up and my perspective starts changing. The apprehension I felt on the start line quickly dissipates. As soon as I set off my fear subsides, and I start to enjoy the challenge.

And it’s perfectly natural to feel the same when standing on the precipice of any change in life! The first day at school, starting a new job, moving into your first house. Every time, I feel nervous until I start. But then I get going and I feel so much better than I could have hoped.

And maybe, like me, you’re feeling slightly apprehensive about some of the changes announced on Vision Sunday. It’s okay – that’s perfectly natural. I feel it too. But, to some extent, the starting horn hasn’t hooted yet. We are still gathering on the starting line. I am confident that as soon as these changes take place, as soon as the invitational culture grows, as soon as the second service kicks off and as soon as the new values and pastoral support systems become established, these fears will subside, and it will be so much better than we imagined back on the start line!

I know that in just a few months’ time we will be running together, cheering each other on, achieving something great. I know that in just a few months’ time the nerves that feel so real today will be a distant memory.

So this week – why not spend some time with your friends, your family, or your Connect Group, sharing your response to Vision Sunday. The starting horn is about to hoot. We are about to set off on the next challenge. The next adventure. Take some time to listen to each other’s nerves and then cheer each other on. Tell God how you feel. He understands everything.

There is, I admit, one difference in my approach to a 5-mile race and the 2019 Freedom Church Vision. At Freedom Church I promise I won’t pull such a ridiculous face…