Sometime ago I use to really enjoy browsing through one particular book on my parent’s bookshelf. It was a biography of notable people throughout history. It gave a short summary of their background and history and on what events happened in their lifetime. I found it fascinating how these people were considered as noteworthy of being included in history and noted down for the things they had done in their lives. Most of them were just ordinary people like you and me.

It got me thinking how often we perceive ourselves through a specific lens and how we measure ourselves in terms of importance and success. It seems to be a thing that our current culture is obsessed with. With the constant bombardment of social media and celebrity culture, telling you how to live and how to measure success based on the number of followers you have on social media. But when we really think about our own lives, something inside never seems to add up when we do look to these things.

I recently watched the film ‘The Imitation Game’ based upon the life of Alan Turing. For those who don’t know, Alan Turing was the guy who broke the Enigma Code during World War 2. His achievements, effort and success in deciphering this particular machine helped shortened the war by 2 years, and consequently saved millions of lives!

Something he said was, “Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”

This really stuck with me especially thinking back upon the book I use to avidly read. Then came the question I often ask myself. Who is writing your own story and who is it being written for? What’s more important? Getting a noteworthy name within the people around you and finding some sort of success measured by social media OR being the person you are without anyone else suggesting who you need to be and live up to.

In fact, when we look to scripture, we read of people that no one could have imagined anything of, but they were the ones who ended up doing things no one could imagine. People who met Jesus decided to follow him without hesitation. These examples were ordinary men and women who decided to just say ‘yes’ and write their own story allowing the measure of success to be determined by no one and nothing except their creator.