The other evening I sat with our Connect Group in the garden as the sun was going down over the fields. We were chatting through the issues raised by the message given on Sunday at Freedom Church, and it dawned on what a great time we were having, enhanced by tasty refreshments and great company.

Sometimes the detail of what has been talked about fades into the mists of time, but that which comes as revelation remains; and so it was, on this occasion that I heard God speak to me. The Holy Spirit came and touched my heart with a truth that fired me up, but he did so, I believe, as I put myself in a place to hear it. Initiated by Sunday’s message and provoked by the godly conversation of our Connect Group, I heard God speak.

The substance of the revelation was this; Jesus lived his life by putting himself into situations where only God turning up would make it work. He is our supreme example of living by faith.

For example:
– He sent the disciples off in the boat where only walking on the water would re-unite them.
– He kept the crowds in a remote place until only the miraculous multiplying of food would feed them all.
– In a synagogue in front of his accusers He taught the truth before performing a decisive miracle.

…and the list goes on. We know that then He gives himself over to death on the cross with resurrection as the only way out! What an example. What an inspiration.

I pray that throughout my life and its situations, I will be bold enough to trust God to do what I am unable to do for His glory.