“We are saved to worship God. All that Christ has done in the past and all that He is doing now leads to this one end.” A.W.Tozer

We are presently going through a series at Freedom Church entitled Greater, looking at worship – the Person we worship, the Purpose of worship, the Position we worship from, and the Power of worship.

Every good teaching series should have the 4 P’s in the titles!

Worship is absolutely central to who we are as humans. It is built into our very DNA. We were made to explore and discover something greater than ourselves, to find something that gives our lives purpose.

Whether you call yourself a Christian or not, you worship something.

You may worship a particular celebrity and follow their Instagram feed, you may worship a sporting team, you may worship material possessions and have made it your life ambition to collect more works of art, fast cars, expensive wine, beautiful shoes or historic football programmes. Or you may worship fashion, health, fitness, success, fame or simply staying in bed for as long as you can!

Whatever the focus of your adoration might be, we all worship something.

When we give our lives and energy to worshipping anything other than the God who created us, there is always a surprising void, a disappointing emptiness or a lack of fulfilment. An intrinsic, deep rooted recognition that what we are worshipping is not really it, but only a substitute for the real thing.

When we worship the one true God – whether it be through song, reflective prayer, reading the Bible or other God centred writings, going for long walks, getting creative through art, sitting in silent meditation, listening to and caring for other people’s needs, using your energy to bring change in our society or simply loving well each day, those closest to us – we join in with all of creation in our most natural, inbuilt response: WORSHIP.

Jesus responded in Luke 19 to the religious leaders, who wanted to stop his followers singing and shouting their songs and poems about him on the original Palm Sunday, that ‘if they keep quiet, then even the rocks will cry out.’

Although it would be fun to hear what rocks singing their favourite hymn sounds like, I don’t want to keep quiet, but instead give my all in Worship to God every day that I am alive, as I respond to the creator who has given me so much to be thankful for.