Every news bulletin these days is sure to start with an update on Covid 19, the Coronavirus, as it is spread worldwide. Who knows what the spread will be but perhaps by the time you read this there will already be people testing positive for the virus in Romsey. That might feel a bit closer to home than expected!

Covid 19 is a bit like a computer virus, in that, if you are infected, you could be passing it on to others whilst blissfully unaware that you are doing so…until, symptom starts to appear. Every day I have a string of emails purporting to be from friends and acquaintances asking me to open an attachment, when in fact my friends have had nothing to do with the emails and instead the whole thing is just a trick to try to entice me to open the attachment to perpetuate the infection. If you have had an email of that sort from me, well…it wasn’t me, so please don’t open the attachment!

A more positive idea is that of posting a video on YouTube or something similar that ‘goes viral’, because people share what they have enjoyed with their friends, who share it with their friends, who….you get the idea. It is called going viral because it acts like a biological virus.

And to continue the positive outlook, let’s consider the transmission of the gospel being like that of a virus. I have an encounter with God, meet with Jesus in a way that changes my life and I ‘share’ that with everyone I meet, leading someone to becoming ‘infected’ and going on to pass it on to others. The great thing about it is that everyone who comes into contact with the gospel loses their old life and gains a new one! What an encouragement for us, to pass on the wonderfully good news of Jesus in such a way that it spreads far and wide. No self isolation needed. Just a joyful infection of good news for all people.

May God bless you with health as you spread the good news.