Our seven month old has just cut her first tooth. So it’s a heart-breaking goodbye to those gummy grins and an excited hello to the days of snaggle-tooth smiles.

It’s always a relief to find a tooth in your baby’s mouth, as it usually explains a good week’s worth of high emotion clinginess. For the last week I have largely been unable to put my daughter down for more than a few minutes. And goodness me, should I dare to walk to the other side of the room while she’s down and I have paid the price in heart breaking wails and tears.

She wants me near. She needs the comfort of my presence. She craves my company.

As I rush back across the room to pick her up and lift her into my arms, the tears ease and a bright grin lights up her face.

While I, like most parents, love the luxury of two hands for a cup of tea or an uninterrupted trip to the toilet, and can feel a little less than generous on the fifth wake up in the night, there is something unspeakably precious about being the comfort my daughter is desperate for and the person she craves to be near. And God, being a significantly better parent than I will ever be feels the same about you and I.

My favourite bible verse is in Psalm 63 and says this:

I cling to you; your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63:8

We were designed to be like my little one, desperately clinging to God’s presence, while he holds us securely. There is something significant about our spiritual proximity to our Heavenly Father.

God craves your proximity. Do you crave his?

In fact, God is so concerned with our proximity to him that he moved the entirety of heaven and earth just to be near us. Coming to earth, living with us, dying on the cross and rising again to reconcile us to him and draw us near.

I wonder this week what your proximity to God feels like? Does it feel like you are close? Or far? Are you feeling overwhelmed and desperate for comfort? Feeling abandoned? Or distracted?

God longs to be near you. He longs to be your comfort. He longs to dry your tears and delight in your smiles. He is never far from you.

Perhaps take a minute to notice him, to acknowledge his presence with you. To spend just a moment simply being with him. Whether you’re at your desk at work, in the corridor at college, at the gym or at home cooking dinner. Take this moment. Notice your proximity to the one who loves your presence like no other ever could. And may you know, your close proximity is his greatest joy.