I wonder if Jesus had the Monday blues?

Post-event let down or Post-adrenaline blues is really common in people who experience high level events they have to prepare for. People such as athletes, actors, performers, musicians, writers and preachers all experience a natural low after preparing for and delivering an important event. 

Apparently the trigger for Post-project depression (PPD) is often “intense, high energy, high emotion, sustained effort that ends abruptly” – This could probably describe Jesus’ last few days…

Palm Sunday he is being celebrated by the crowd shouting “Hosanna!” and by Friday the same crowd has become the mob screaming “crucify him!”. 

Thursday night he has his last meal with his best friends, who he has spent three years patiently teaching them, yet within hours one of them betrays him and another denies knowing him. 

He prays desperately to his Father God to let him off the mission, but ultimately agrees that “not my will, but yours be done”. 

He is tortured, publicly shamed and paraded through the same streets of only a few days previous. Ultimately he is nailed on a cross ready for crucifixion and whispers the most courageous prayer “Forgive them, for they know not what they are doing”.

In his final moments, the world goes dark and he shouts “Father, into your hands I place my spirit” before breathing his last.

Three days later, the women arrive to place spices onto the dead body but the tomb is empty, Jesus is not in the tomb he is alive. Death has been overcome, the mission is complete.

This incredible mission of Jesus, that changed history, started with a lifetime of preparation, culminating in a week of “intense, high energy, high emotion, sustained effort that ended abruptly”.

But what was Jesus’ response when he meets up again with his disciples?

“Peace be with you”

For those preachers out there, who have worked hard to present a message that reveals the magnitude of the God whom they serve and then wake up the next day wondering whether they missed the mark – “Peace be with you”

For the student preparing for an exam and unsure whether they will make the grade – “Peace be with you”

For the actor, performer, musician, comedian, poet who stands on the stage in front of a crowd and doesn’t know whether their presentation has been good enough – “Peace be with you”