Become a Partner


Partners are simply people who are “fully invested” – it’s the Freedom Church reinvention of a membership system. Partners are people who give their Time, Treasure and Talents – it’s self selecting, always growing and never a club.


We ask our Partners to give their time. We ask that Partners commit to regularly gathering with others from Freedom Church. Partners prioritise attending our weekend meetings and, where possible to be part of a Connect Group, or other similar group that helps them feel connected. We know lives are busy and full of competing demands, but we make turning up a habit.


We ask Partners to give their treasure. We expect Partners to commit to regularly giving to the work of Freedom Church.  Partners are generous, cheerful givers. We fully believe in the biblical principle of giving the first 10% of everything we receive to God, but we also believe that the attitude of the giver really matters. Partners are encouraged to be generous and give what they can regularly as part of their worship and thanksgiving to God. Practically, many Partners do this through the ChurchSuite app or via the website (, but you can always bring your cash on Sunday if that is easier for you.


We ask Partners to give their talent. We ask that partners commit to regularly serving Freedom Church. We believe that everyone can create change and everyone has a unique part to play in church. Partners are quick to use the skills, gifts and abilities that they have been given to bless the Church. Whether you are a gifted musician, a great encourager, a natural with children, someone who is great at helping new people feel at home or someone who enjoys lining chairs up really neatly – we have the perfect team for you to join. Find out more information at the Next Steps desk on a Sunday morning, on ChurchSuite or on our website ( Getting involved is the best way to meet people and make new friends.

We have answered more FAQs about becoming a Partner here.  

If you haven’t already been to a Newcomers Lunch, then this is a great place to find out more about being a Partner.