Church Around the Table

Church gathering around the Table is not unprecedented – the first ever church is described in Acts as being “devoted to teaching, eating and praying together in their homes.”
The table is the centre of the home and a place we invite people to. It’s a place of nourishment, conversation, connection, communication and communion. The table was often at the centre of Jesus’ ministry with weddings and wine, friends and feasting, disciples and foot washing. And the table is the centre of family – a word that is often used to describe Gods family, the church.
You are invited to take a seat and discover again the importance of the table – realising that although we may gather in separate homes, we worship one God. Grab a journal, a drink and a bible and spend some time exploring the Table again.


You are Invited
Sim Dendy
Your Attention Please
Sim Dendy
The Challenge of the Table
Jo Ibbott
The Cost of the Table
Ben Tanton
The Joy of the Table
Judith Kirkland