This video of Norbury family life gives a pretty accurate picture of our week: tiring, cute, whingy and full of increasingly outlandish attempts to entertain ourselves.

Strange though this may sound, at the end of that week I feel more like a mother and wife than I’ve ever felt. (Hang in with me all you menfolk, I have something specific for you before we’re done!)

With nowhere to be but at home, and no-one to see but my home crew, I don’t have the normal reminders that I exist as an individual: no office to work in, no charity shops to browse through, no cuddly chats with girlfriends, and very little driving around singing along to whatever I want on the radio…

This sense of mum/wife-ishness has co-incided with my Bible app taking me through the story of Moses.

In the book of Exodus, we read about how Moses was born into a perilous situation from which the ingenuity of his mother, the quick-wittedness of his sister, and the broodiness of an Egyptian princess shielded him and preserved his life. You can find the story at the start of the book of Exodus in the Old Testament.

Later on we learn of Moses’ marriage to a foreign girl, a smart cookie called Zipporah. It’s once they have settled into married life and started a family together that the Creator of the Universe appears to Moses in a burning bush and commissions him to return to Egypt to rescue his people.

Something that passed me by during previous perusals of the book of Exodus is a curious incident that takes place once Zipporah and her family are on the road to Egypt. It involves God, Moses, Zipporah and an interesting part of their son’s anatomy. (See Exodus 3:24-26 for details. Genesis 17:10-12 provides some context!)

What I love about this dramatic episode is the way that Zipporah steps into the role of action hero, doing a decisive deed based on her knowledge of the Living God to save her husband from certain death. She’s the fourth female to save Moses’ life and the whole of history is grateful to her for it.

This is because Moses then travels on to Egypt and does his own impression of an action hero. The rest of the book of Exodus is the story of how God uses Moses – fallible, disobedient and argumentative as he is – to rescue his people from slavery and teach them how to display God’s love, power and holiness to the world.

So, ladies, what exactly am I driving at? Simply this: the plans, purposes and kingdom of God are advanced by women like you! He loves showing Himself off in the lives of ingenious women who build faithful families, or who apply their wits and their knowledge of God to the world around them, or who boldly take initiative in times of peril and distress. Go, girl!

And what’s my message for all the men out there?

Firstly, thank the women in your life who have looked after you, looked out for you and watched your back. Thank them regularly and copiously.

Secondly, get on with doing what you know God is asking you to do!