I’m no expert but I reckon there is creativity in all of us. Whether we apply it within the workplace or in more expressive ways, it is definitely there. It’s the spark of a small idea or a thought that falls outside the box. We all get it and we all go through a process of seeing it through to its completion or otherwise it lays dormant.

I’ve been challenged recently to find the creativity in myself and not be scared of it and more importantly not be scared about how others see me. Sometimes I wonder whether it is very close to the core of who we are and that is why we veil ourselves.

I experienced a moment not too long ago that can happen to all of us. I had a really great creative experience, making music and writing songs in a studio. For others this could be a business venture or just a good idea. The day after I was immediately flooded with doubt and fear on whether it was any good and whether I was up to the task ahead.

This reminded me of the many stories of men and women in the bible who faced similar situations where their gifts and callings were challenged. I’m thinking of people like Gideon who found it hard to believe in who he was and who God was calling him to be. It’s like Elijah who challenged the 450 Baal worshippers and then hid in a cave after hearing Jezebel was after him. It’s also like Moses, who doubted whether he was the guy to go back to Egypt and see Gods people set free.

We all have similar stories and dreams of who we are meant to be and who we really are. For me personally I tend to retreat and hide like Elijah. It’s like I am scared of my own voice but I know God is calling the creativity inside me especially with song writing.

So my challenge to you is let your song out. Don’t hide away but embrace who you are and the unique calling and gifting that has been birthed in you since time began. No one else can live your live for you and you certainly can’t live someone else’s life instead. Be unique, be genuine, be adventurous and be yourself.

You can check out my own creative process here as I am about to release a collection of songs birthed out of this process of awakening and discovery.