In the run up to Christmas a few of us got together and filmed a spoken word video titled “You Are Not Alone”, to use as part of the Freedom Church Carols event. I hope you had a chance to watch it, but if not it is still available online

In terms of things I have written, I was pleased with it, but I certainly didn’t think it was particularly special. I’ve got the rhyming skills of an average junior school child, I described birth as being a “splosh” and I used half-rhymes whenever I couldn’t think of anything better! I didn’t think what I wrote was particularly special.

And maybe it wasn’t.

But what I wrote about was.

And that took me by surprise. I didn’t see it coming.

The video has rapidly turned into the most viewed thing Freedom Church have ever put onto Facebook. It has had 6,000 views from the Freedom Church Partners page – but may have been shared more times than that. I still haven’t been contacted by an agent, and I suspect I won’t be anytime soon, however, it is being translated into Ukrainian (I have no idea whether that’s going to work!) and it was used on Christmas Day in a Church in Edinburgh! 

Why? Not because it was a good spoken word.

Why? Because the message that “You are not alone” is powerful.

People need to hear it. People need to know it. People want to share it with their friends. You are not alone. So often in the busy-ness we feel alone. So often we stand in the middle of a crowd and feel utterly isolated. So often we appear to have everything right and yet find ourselves feeling lonely. Rich, successful people often feel alone. Poverty stricken people often feel alone. We all, sometimes, have a terrible sense of being alone. This resonates with us all.

But as Christians we believe that this is not the whole story. God chose to leave the comfort of heaven to enter the chaos of earth in order that we would know that we are not alone. Christmas may be a distant memory already, but the truth that God is with us is so powerful and so significant, that we need to keep celebrating it, sharing it and reminding each other of it.

I’m praying that 2019 is your best year yet – and I’m praying that during this year you would know that God is with you.