Ahhhh! Run for the door! What, the door out of Europe?

 I think we have all had our fill of the political ups and downs of the Brexit procedure, but without getting political or taking sides, I have a few observations:



Transitional arrangements are always messy. Ever had an extension built to your home? It is all neat and tidy before you start, then everything gets covered in a layer of dust, you can’t move for debris, materials and stuff you’ve packed up to make way for the building work. Then when it’s all done you can restore order, put out the ornaments and enjoy the extra space. Well, we are in a transitional phase as a country, but this is not the end result.



Good, upright, clear thinking people sit on both sides of the debate. There is no right or wrong inherently in the Brexit ‘in or out’ debate and it calls for respect and love for those who don’t agree with our personal standpoint. We are called to love, and so love is what we must do.



We are all called to pray. I was blessed by a scriptural prayer I came across the other day from www.prayingscriptures.com. Based on 33 scriptural quotes it encourages us to pray for God to intervene and do the things only He can. Whatever our view on the issue we can all pray. Below is a few lines from it…

1 Tim 2:1, ‘Heavenly Father, I give thanks for our government.’

1 Tim 2:2, ‘I pray for all men and women giving authority over us in any way.’

Prov. 1:23, ‘Pour put your Spirit upon them and make Your Word know to them.’

Ps 25:21, ‘Cause them to be men and women of integrity, obedient concerning us.’

You may have heard prophetic words talking about a ‘shaking of man-made structures’ and a ‘coming of revival’. This may or may not be for now; very similar words were proclaimed 40 years ago, but whatever God’s timing is, we can believe for Him to move in his own way at the right time, and our role is to trust him and to pray as he leads us. 

Brexit? Who is to say? Is God in control? Yes, and Amen. Come Lord Jesus – have your way!