My phone lit up and I notice an email from the Freedom Church office. This usually brightens my day as a reminder of what God is doing in our community, but this email made my heart sink.

It read

Hello Robert, this is a reminder that you are down to write next week’s blog. Your Blog entry could be:

  • something you have been inspired by
  • a reflection on book you are reading or have read
  • a reflection on the season of life you are in
  • an experience of Freedom Church you have had
  • a reflection on a passage of scripture
  • about something that excites you

My immediate thought was, ‘I don’t have time to experience any of those bullet points, let alone write a blog about it’. And I quickly got busy again with work, family, church and all the other components that make up our lives. I wonder if like me you ever get in to a rut of busy routine where you isolate yourself from experiencing God and life to its fullest?

Two days later I gave ten minutes to think about it and quickly realised that God has been blessing and challenging me in so many ways. To name a couple of many:

  • My boys were dedicated in church recently and I’ve been challenged to think what it means to lead them as a Christian parent.
  • Many family and friends who aren’t Christians attended church and it was amazing and humbling to see the church at its best, welcoming them and showing them Christ.

But what worried me most was that it had taken me 2 days  to stop, reflect and appreciate all that Jesus has done and was doing in my life.

I was reminded of the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10 vs 38-42) and how Martha would get frustrated that Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus when there were so many things that ‘needed’ to be done.

In the passage, Jesus doesn’t admonish Martha for serving (work must be done) but for being anxious about it. I imagine she was so consumed by the work she was doing she was making it her only priority and she forgot the value of sitting at the feet of Jesus.

I wonder if like me you need to be reminded of the value of stopping and sitting at the feet of Jesus? To check ourselves that we are not getting too consumed by the busyness of life but reflecting and thanking him for all he has and is doing in our lives. So that we can start to experience God and life more fully.