Join a Connect Group


Anyone who wants to be part of Freedom Church!


Connect Groups are small mid-week communities that meet in people’s homes throughout the town. We really encourage all our partners to be involved in something “big” (Sunday mornings) and something “small” – Connect Groups. These groups are the best place to build relationships, get to know others and continue exploring and growing your faith in an environment of mutual support. There are groups that meet on various evenings, and during the day. We really believe that as we “do life together” God uses each of us to support, encourage and challenge each other – so come and join a Connect Group.


To join a Connect Group head to the “next steps” point at Church and we can connect you with a potential group leader. Alternatively, you can contact our Connect Group Coordinator by contacting the office team during the week to find out more.


Here is a snapshot of just a few of our current Connect Groups: