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The proposal is for the construction of a Church & Community Hub with associated parking and landscaping. The applicant, Freedom Church, has been searching for a suitable site since 2013. The site provides an exciting opportunity to bring the Church’s activities under one roof. The Church is an important part of the community and safeguards the most vulnerable through operating programmes such as Romsey Food Bank, Warm Hub, debt counselling and other counselling services, an early intervention programme for young children and supporting refugees.

The proposal will concentrate the activities in one location, reducing unnecessary travel, reducing the carbon footprint, maximising ease of access for the public and utilising space more efficiently. The proposal is supported by the community. The proposal has been designed for its edge-of-town location on a defended floodplain. The Sequential Test demonstrates that there are no suitable available alternative sites. It is considered that the benefits outweigh any harm from the risk of flooding. The building has been designed to be flood resilient. The design will also contribute to the setting of its location. It will also result in a net gain in biodiversity. Safe access can be achieved from the site and the highway network can satisfactorily accommodate the increase in traffic arising from the proposal. The proposal ties in with the ambitions of Romsey Future and will provide many benefits to the Town’s community.

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If you would like to give towards this building project, you can do so here.


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