You could be forgiven for thinking, at the time of the referendum, that with just a few weeks before the Article 50 is enacted, we would all have a much clearer view of what arrangements would be in place from April onwards. You could have hardly expected that things would be even more uncertain! It is like trying to keep your seat on one of those bucking broncos; life is very shaky indeed.

When everything seems to be moving around, you need a steady place, unchanging, secure, reliable, unaffected by turbulence: in a word rock.

In times of uncertainty and turbulence in my life I have found the steady and powerful person of God to be my refuge. Relying on the one who is constant and eternal, known by the name ‘The first and the last,’ the one who will be there when the fragile things of life have fallen away, gives me an unshakable security for which I am so grateful.

Jesus told a story about a couple of blokes who engaged in self build housing projects. The first one was very keen on the latest decor, stylish trims and quality appearance, but not so interested in digging. So, he found a nice easy sandy plot to build, and up went the house. The result was spectacular and fast!

The second bloke came from a long line of civil engineers and he liked nothing more than to carve away at rock to form the perfect foundation. Maybe that left a little less time and money for the flashier aspects of the building, but it certainly was solid.

Come the seasonal rains and floods there was no contest. Reduced to rubble quicker than you could say “structural inadequacy” the house built on sand collapsed whilst the house on rock stood firm and undamaged. And Jesus concluded the story by saying that the house on the rock stood for the man who heard his words and put them into practice whereas the house on sand represented the man who didn’t.

So, our challenge today is to work out how solid is the ground we are standing on because life might just about to get very much more shaky.