There are some things that every human being longs for: a healthy mind and body, friends with whom to laugh, a comfy pair of shoes, a good joke, love, hope and, beneath all that, peace.

The truth is that life is often tough. Sometimes we get sick. Sometimes we must grieve. Sometimes we find holes in our favourite shoes and, worse still, sometimes people don’t laugh at our best jokes. At Freedom Church UK we believe that, despite all this, in Jesus Christ and his church there is hope. We believe there is a way forward. There is meaning, direction and, beneath all that, peace.

We are a group of people who share all your longings, and who come together each week to find out more about the God who has promised us life in all of its great and mysterious fullness.

Why not join us for the journey?

Whatever you’ve done, wherever you’re from, however you’re feeling: you are welcome here.

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