At Freedom Church we use an online Church administration software that allows us to keep information safe but accessible for those connected with us. ChurchSuite helps us keep our contact information organised, allows us to share contact data appropriately and securely, and includes free, full-function iOS and Android “apps” for Smartphones and Tablets. You can access Freedom Church’s database wherever you are! ChurchSuite guarantees an easy way of keeping up to date with events, programs and accessing other Freedom Church Partner’s details, and is a way of signing up to events and paying for tickets. It enables you to see which rotas you are a part of and when you are down to serve throughout the months ahead. It also allows you to input unavailability, and allows you to access Freedom Church’s podcasts. 
To access ChurchSuite please fill in the form below. You will then receive an email inviting you to create a password. You can then download the App from the App Store on your devices, or visit the link below and sign yourselves into your ChurchSuite account. Any questions please ask Hannah Shepherd