Recently there were a few days of heavy snowfall and as a result everything seemed to stop and go into slow motion! I had two ‘snow days’ off school and other appointments cancelled and suddenly I was left with lots of extra time on my hands. At first the opportunities seemed exciting – a great time to watch loads of films! However, I soon got restless and sensed there was more to do with this time that I had been gifted with.

Perhaps like me, you also find it hard to stop and be still. I like to continually be doing or planning things but I believe that at times, God tells us to stop and rest in our busy lives. In the book of ‘Psalms’, the word ‘selah’ is sometimes used in between the verses. ‘Selah’ is a Hebrew word (and I love a bit of Hebrew!), that can mean to ‘pause’ or to ‘weigh’ words. The psalms were often sung and so it was important that the singers knew where to pause – to take a breath and ‘weigh’ the words just sung or said.

As I walked in that beautiful crisp snow I started to feel a sense of God’s stillness and peace. He reminded me to not keep rushing onto the next thing but to stop, to reflect and to just ‘be’.

At the recent Freedom Church ‘Hearing from God’ workshop, I was given the same words from The Message Bible by two different people. The words were: …Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace…. These are found in part of The Message version of Matthew 11:28-30.

This is my challenge (and maybe one for you also) – to learn how to hit that pause button, even in the midst of a very busy day. God so loves to speak with us let’s practice ‘selah’ – take a breath and see Him at work in our lives