With my 70th birthday only a few years away it seemed appropriate to reflect on the three score and ten years allotted to man, as Psalm 90 tells us, or by occasion of strength, four score. At this point I rejoice in the inheritance of my dad’s genes who made it to 102 years of age, and my grandparents who, unusually for their generation, all made their eighties.

How about Biblical examples? When called to fulfil the special role God gave him, Moses only started on the job when he was 80 years old and when he died at 120 years old he was in exceptional health, good strength and great eyesight…so, there is hope for the old boy yet!

We live in a national culture where retirement comes in mid-to-late sixties and there is little expectation thereafter. But, God does not see us that way; there is no ‘age scrapheap’ in his economy. He calls us to serve in his Kingdom to the end of our lives and to exercise increasing faith as we grow in Him. It is very reasonable for us to believe that God will work through us to glorify the name of Jesus for every one of our days, however many they may be.