• January Blues

    Scraping ice off your windscreen. Having more month left than money. Going to work in the dark. Coming home from work in the dark. Bad weather. Failing new year resolutions. Post-Christmas chocolate withdrawal symptoms. The January diets. All things we hate about January! There are only two more weeks and

  • Big Changes Start with Small Steps

    It’s January and the shops are selling gym equipment, the gyms are selling fitness classes, the bookshops are selling diet books and the supermarkets are selling low calorie celery! Whether you call it Dry January or Red January, the start of the New Year is often a time of change

  • I didn’t see it coming

    In the run up to Christmas a few of us got together and filmed a spoken word video titled “You Are Not Alone”, to use as part of the Freedom Church Carols event. I hope you had a chance to watch it, but if not it is still available online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj_ctS16_0Q&t=11s. In

  • Ever had an extension built to your home?

    Ahhhh! Run for the door! What, the door out of Europe?  I think we have all had our fill of the political ups and downs of the Brexit procedure, but without getting political or taking sides, I have a few observations:   One… Transitional arrangements are always messy. Ever had

  • Catching a glimpse of Mary

    As I spend this festive period utterly exhausted running round after an energetic toddler, I am often finding my thoughts turning to Mary. Time and again I’ve found myself coming back to consider this courageous follower of God who once chased round on hands and knees after a toddler named

  • Blessed to be a Blessing

    I have just returned from an amazing adventure in Rwanda and Uganda. I had to almost pinch myself many times as I did so many things that I have dreamt of doing since I was much younger. God has surprised me with many unexpected blessings as I have grown older.

  • Must there be more?!

    Last week, I had a conversation with a friend who told me stories of what her dad had encountered in Columbia. He visited a Church, like many others around the world, who had had experience in seeing God’s power move dramatically and miraculously here on earth. She described it as

  • Do you value stopping?

    My phone lit up and I notice an email from the Freedom Church office. This usually brightens my day as a reminder of what God is doing in our community, but this email made my heart sink. It read Hello Robert, this is a reminder that you are down to

  • אתה אוהב ירקות ואני אוהב ירקוית

    The Hebrew scholars amongst you will instantly recognise the words of this old Jewish writer, but for those only know Greek, I’ve helpfully included the translation:   σου αρέσουν οι πατάτες και μου αρέσουν οι πατατες   The text speaks of the fallout from disagreement. How, when we let secondary

  • So, what does the Church think?

    We have recently completed a teaching series at Freedom Church entitled “Blurred Lines – Godly Sexuality in a Confusing World” We looked at the importance of understanding our identity in Christ and that there is a better story. We challenged the way that we related to each other and how